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We are an architectural consultancy based in Ahmedabad. We

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Craft Quest (CQ) is an architecture and art firm. CQ is an unfaltering attempt to create built environment integrating state of the art technology, regional materials & craft. it is a unique platform for innovation. At CQ we passionately design sensorial experiences. Our designs are generated through parametric/generative algorithms and structural concepts, which are meticulously constructed by digital fabrication & crafts people.

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Stud Farm, Bhavda

Status: Ongoing

Area: 6550 sq mt

Built up area: 1350 sq m

Materials: MS pipes, Ferrocement, Bamboo, Bricks

Iconic Structure, Ahmedabad

Status: Competition

Area: 16000 sq mt

Built up area: 2000 sq m

Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass, Metal fabric

Apartment, Bagasra

Status: Complete 2015

Area: 3000 sq mt

Built up area: 12500 sq m

Materials: RCC, Brciks

Interchange Station, Hubbali

Status: Complete 2017

Area: 11,53,653 sq mt

Materials: RCC, Mild Steel, Polycarbonate

Architects: Arya Architects

CQ: Computational Design and fabrication

Home Cinema, Ahmedabad

Status: Complete 2012

Area: 35 sq mt

Materials: MDF

Architects: Arya Architects

CQ: Associates

Honeycomb Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Status: Complete 2014

Area: 120 sq mt

Materials: Gypsum, Wood, Glass, MDF

Private Residence, New Delhi

Status: Complete 2014

Materials: Stone (Porbandar)

Architects: Bose International

CQ: Special wall in the entrance