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Workshop, Depot, Control Center, Nayaraipur

  • Location: Nayaraipur
  • Category: Architecture
  • Status: Completed
  • Client: NRDA
  • Area: Site 16000 sq mts., Workshop 1200 sq mts., Control center 1000 sq mts.
  • Architect: Arya Architects, AHMEDABAD
  • CQ: Associate Architects
  • Video:

Sustainable urban transport planning (SUTP) project connects Raipur and Nayaraipur by road. The natural terrain of the place is dynamic and inspiring. Population in the area is quite sparse. With this context, proposed building is designed using undulating surfaces rising and merging in ground. Between the surfaces daylight is drawn.

Structural system transforms from simply supported to partial cantilever and finally balanced cantilever....

In control center, surfaces are simply supported creating volumes between 8 to 14 meters high. Driver’s facility of workshop is a transforming block. In workshop area, surfaces are cantilevered, spanning 8.5 meters on one side and 21.5 meters on the other. Landscape, interiors and furniture follow same language.