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Iconic Structure, Ahmedabad

  • Location: Ahmedabad
  • Category: Cultural Centre
  • Status: Winning entry, competition
  • Client: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
  • Area: Site 16000 sq mts. Meditation center 2000 sq mts

Iconic structure is an open competition invited by Sabarmati Riverfront Development Authority. The aim of the spiritual center is to create an environment of increasing intensity of silence at the center. Proposed design is a journey through water and sky; sensitizing all five senses.Journey begins with a path leading to the... cave form of mediation halls opening into a pavilion-overlooking river. One continues to walk up towards an earth-covered terrace. Taking a glass elevator from here, one goes up to an open terrace at 60 meters height. Views at this height are exceptional. Entire experience in silence and soft music helps one to reconnect with himself/herself.